Title: Lookout – What What Baby Butt
Canvas: 11“x 17”
Media: Oil on Canvas
Price: NFS
Date Completed: 6/15/18
Critical Acclaim: “No. Stop.”, Friend Matt

For years I sent my friend and his wife pictures of my kid’s butt’s. This is the kind of things that is funny once or twice and less funny each of the 50 subsequent times until the kids are older and your friends tell you it’s no longer appropriate to text them baby butt pictures and so you paint it because that makes it “art”!

My daughter’s skin doesn’t photograph well but the painting is solid. Her skin is pretty complex in comparison to her brother. His skin is smooth with an olive tone. Her skin ranges from ivory to a reddish tan and when hot becomes much more red. It took an hour to paint him and weeks to paint her. She’s worth it.