Title: Copy Kat
Canvas: 16“x 20”
Media: Oil
Price: NFS
Date Completed: 6/12/2016

Painting Progression – Coffee Cup

I loved doing this painting. I really felt like I could continue painting it every week for the next year or so. My teacher had just completed the same painting. It took her about 3 hours to do the whole painting. She cut me off at ~21 hours (3 hours each Sunday for 7 Sundays).  It was supposed to be a quick lesson in painting color values.

People have been painting tea/coffee cups for hundreds of years! Gail snapped this picture on her cell phone of a coffee cup while on a bus in New York City.

Things I learned. You have to paint texture to make sure things look real. In the beginning I thought I could fudge the different brown values (not make them exact) and end up okay. This lead to lots of layers until I finally concentrated and got the colors right. You absolutely have to step back a few feet from your painting every hour or so to see if you getting off track.